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Visas: general guidelines

Updated date: 26/02/2024

US citizens do not require a visa to enter Argentina as tourists for a stay of up to three months. The Consulate issues visas to foreign citizens who need them according to the activities they will perform in Argentina.

In order to know the visa requirements and to request an appointment for the mandatory visa interview, the applicant must send an email to the Visa Department (, specifying:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • If you will use passport from your home country.
  • Type of visa required (e.g., tourism, work, study, etc).
  • Tentative date of travel to Argentina.
  • Contact details: home address in the US, telephone number and e-mail address

The Consulate conducts visa interviews by appointment only, on business days from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM.



You may begin your visa process 3 months prior to your arrival date to Argentina.

You must send your visa application completed at least 45 days prior to your planned trip.

Do not make irrevocable travel plans until the visa has been granted.


The visa application process is private and personal. No applications on behalf of or in representation of third person parties will be admitted. Also, no information regarding a third person’s application will be provided.

Minimum remaining validity of passport to be valid for entry into Argentina

To enter Argentina, your passport only needs to be valid and does not need a minimum remaining validity. However, some flights to Argentina have layovers in other countries, and the airlines may require passports to have a minimum remaining validity period in accordance with the requirements of those countries. To avoid inconvenience, it is recommended to check with the airline about the minimum passport validity period required for travel.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA or AVE in Spanish)

A foreigner with valid US visa category B2 / J / B1 / O / P (P1-P2-P3) / E / H-1B in his current regular passport, and who needs a tourist visa for travelling to Argentina, can replace the Argentine tourist visa application by the online application of an ETA (or AVE, in Spanish). For information on the ETA (or AVE, in Spanish) process, visit the page about AVE on the National Directorate for Migrations web.

Electronic Entry Processing (TIE 24H) 

A foreigner who does not require a visa to enter Argentina as a tourist, but needs another type of visa for a short visit to Argentina, may opt between asking the Consulate for such a visa or process and obtain an Electronic Entry Processing (TIE 24H). For more information visit the page about TIE 24H on the National Directorate for Migrations web.

Visa waivers according to traveler’s nationality

The National Directorate of Migrations maintains a list of nationalities and passport types in relation to visa requirements for visiting Argentina. For more information visit the page about visa requirements on the National Directorate for Migrations web.

Entering with medications

If you plan to enter Argentina carrying your medications, keep these advices in mind.

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