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Noviembre 16 - 18, 2012, en el Egyptian Theatre de Hollywood. 

Co-presentada por el Consulado General y Centro de Promoción de la República Argentina en Los Ángeles y la American Cinematheque. 
Acompáñenos en la onceava edición consecutiva del Argentina New Cinema Festival en el Egyptian Theatre de Hollywood para celebrar lo mejor del cine argentino de este año. Descubrirá las más exitosas y recientes producciones argentinas, sus estrellas y realizadores.

Este año, además de disfrutar de las más espectaculares películas de nuestro país, los espectadores podrán deleitarse de shows y clases de tango antes de las proyecciones en los tres días de duración del festival, además de la tradicional fiesta de apertura a realizarse el 16 de noviembre.
El programa de películas será anunciado en octubre de 2012.
Para más información visite:

 Join us for our 11th annual showcase of the best new films from Argentina on the big screen at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. You'll discover films just released in the festival circuit, filmmakers and actors in person and a mix of work from Argentina's most exciting new and established artists. Everything will be here if you just seize the opportunity!

Those who have been following Argentina New Cinema since its beginnings have been able to watch "The Secret in Their Eyes" from Juan Campanella (2010 Oscar for Best Foreign Movie) the year of its release, as well as great films from now well-known Argentine directors as Pablo Trapero, Lucía Puenzo and Daniel Burman, to name a few of the talents introduced by the series.
This year we will also add a tango exhibition and tango lessons before the first screening of each day, and of course, our traditional opening night party for ticket-holders.
Film schedule will be announced in October 2012.
For more info. visit:
Friday, November 16 – 7:30 PM
Los Angeles Premiere! EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN (TODOS TENEMOS UN PLAN), 2012, 118 min. Viggo Mortensen (showing an impressive command of Spanish) stars in Ana Piterbarg's subtle, mood-infused thriller as identical twin brothers Augustin and Pedro. When Pedro dies, Augustin, tired of his daily life, takes the opportunity to swap places, returning to Pedro's home in the swamplands of the Delta Tigre region and taking on his beekeeper brother's identity. But Pedro had shady business dealings on the side, which Augustin quickly learns as he becomes the target of some very dangerous, unsavory individuals. With Soledad Villamil, Sofia Gala Castiglione and Daniel Fanego. An official selection of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Monica Orozco will lead a free tango lesson from 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM in the Egyptian courtyard.
Opening night party following the screening, free to all ticket holders.

Saturday, November 17 – 7:30 PM
Double Feature: Argentina's Official Entry for the 2013 Best Foreign-Language Oscar! Los Angeles Premiere! CLANDESTINE CHILDHOOD (INFANCIA CLANDESTINA), 2012, 112 min. Benjamin Avila’s partly autobiographical account of his upbringing - in which, at the age of 12, he was forced to assume a false identity - is a moving portrait of adolescent life in politically tumultuous 1970s Argentina. Young Juan (Teo Gutierrez Moreno) and his radical parents (Cesar Troncoso and Natalie Oreiro) enter the country separately to reunite with Juan’s older brother in Buenos Aires, and establish a false business front. Meanwhile, Juan attempts a life of normalcy at his new middle school, crushing on his classmate Maria (Violeta Palukas), all the while mentally juggling the potentially deadly situation his family willfully faces day in and day out. Winner of the Casa de America Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Official selections of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, and Directors Fortnight at the 2012 Cannes International Film Festival. In Spanish with English subtitles.
followed by

WHITE ELEPHANT (ELEFANTE BLANCO), 2012, 110 min. Dir. Pablo Trapero. Father Julian (Ricardo Darin), a middle-aged priest privately battling a brain tumor, and young Father Nicolas (Jeremie Renier) have their mission in one of the most dangerous slums of Buenos Aires, distinctive for a massive dilapidating structure nicknamed the "White Elephant.” Julian struggles to keep a housing project from interference by government officials and church heads, while Nicolas dabbles into a forbidden romance with social worker Luciana (Martina Gusman), who is also trying to help the inhabitants of the shanty town. Nominated for the Un Certain Regard Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Makela Brizuela of the Makela Tango School will lead a free tango lesson from 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM in the Egyptian courtyard.

Sunday, November 18 – 7:30 PM
Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! CHINESE TAKE-OUT (UN CUENTO CHINO), 2011, 93 min. Curmudgeon Roberto (Ricardo Darin from THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES) is shaken out of his solitary daily routine of collecting absurd newspaper clippings and visiting his parents’ grave when Chinese immigrant Jun (Huang Sheng Huang) literally falls into his life out of the back of a cab. Through a series of events that go against Roberto’s better judgment, the out-of-work Jun moves in with him, which proves a nightmare for Roberto as he makes increasingly desperate (and hilarious) attempts to get rid of his new roommate. Sebastian Borensztein’s warm, endearing third feature offers a heartfelt and funny reminder that friendship can crop up between the most strange, mismatched and plain old grumpy of odd couples. With Muriel Santa Anna. Winner of Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Film at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina. In Spanish with English subtitles.
followed by

THE LAST ELVIS (EL ULTIMO ELVIS), 2012, 91 min. John McInerny gives a knockout performance as Elvis impersonator Carlos Guttierez, who lives in a pocket of Buenos Aires peopled by similarly obsessive Gene Simmons, Barbra Streisand and you-name-it lookalikes, and spends his every waking hour crooning, strutting and pelvic-thrusting like the King. Naturally he's become estranged from his family, but when wife Alejandra (Griselda Siciliani) is in a dire car accident, Carlos must somehow reintegrate himself into the world of the living and learn to be a father to his tellingly-named daughter Lisa Marie (Margarita Lopez). Directed by first-time filmmaker Armando Bo, co-screenwriter of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's BIUTIFUL. Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for Best World Cinema - Dramatic at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Oxygen Tango School will lead a free tango lesson from 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM in the Egyptian courtyard.


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 COMMUNITY SPONSORS: escuelas de tango.

Demostración y clases de tango antes de la primera proyección de cada día:

Viernes 16, 6 PM- 7.15 PM: Mónica Orozco

Tel: 213-880-5225 Email: website:
Mónica Orozco ha sido galardonada por la crítica como una de las bailarinas y coreógrafas más osadas e innovadoras del arte del tango. Su estilo único y su presencia en escena la convierten en uno de los mayores exponentes del baile porteño.
Nacida en la Argentina, hija de actor teatral, en el año 1980 comenzó su carrera como director artistíco del Teatro de la Ciudad Vieja. Allí presentó más de 20 producciones de clásicos argentinos e ingleses. Dentro de su repertorio de trabajo ha entrenado a grandes actores internacionales como Sir Ben Kinsgley, y ha sido entrevistada por cadenas como ABC, CHANEL 7, CNN, NBC, Univision y más. Ha recorrido el mundo con sus tours en países como Singapoure, Korea del Sur, Japón, Thailandia , China, etc.
Ha creado, dirigido y realizado la coreografía de ¨ARGENTANGO¨(2004) con estrellas de ¨TANGO FOREVER¨de Broadway y la estrella del bandoneón Coco Trivisonno. Ha bailado y hecho sus coreografías en teatros como el Disney Hall/Red Cat Theatre, el John A Amphitheater y el Hollywood Bowl. Ha enseñado International Tango Masters Workshops en la Academia de Tango en Paris, Londres, Lebanon e Italia.    

Friday 16, 6 PM – 7.15 PM: Mónica Orozco
Tel: 213-880-5225 Email: website:
Monica Orozco has gained critical acclaim as one of her generation’s most daring and innovative dancers, and as a choreographer, artistic director and master teacher of the tango art form. Her unique style, and exciting stage presence set her apart from her peers, defining her rise to the pinnacle of the field.
The daughter of a classical theater actor in her native Argentina, in 1980 she started and was the artistic director of the Teatro de la Ciudad Vieja (Theater of the Old City). There she presented more than 20 productions including Argentine and English classics. She has trained celebrities such as Sir Ben Kinsgley , and has been interviewed by  ABC,CHANEL 7, CNN, NBC,Univision, among others.. She toured the world as dancer and choreographer to Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand etc.
She conceived, directed and choreographed "ARGENTANGO" (2004) with Broadway “TANGO FOREVER” stars, and famed bandoneon player/ musical director Coco Trivisonno. She has danced or choreographed at Disney Hall/ Red Cat Theater, the John A. Ford Amphitheater, with the Pacific Dance and at the Hollywood Bowl. She has taught International Tango master workshops at the Academic Tango seminar Paris, and in London, Lebanon,
and Italy.
Sábado 17, 6.15 PM – 7.15 PM: Makela Tango
 La academia de Makela Tango se especializa en tango argentino auténtico en las áreas de Santa Monica y West LA. Se ofrecen clases a todos los niveles sistemáticamente organizadas de tal manera que el amante del tango pueda aprender o bien a bailar el tango puramente social al estilo argentino, o bailar en el escenario si así lo prefiere. También se organizan sesiones de práctica semanales en el Electric Lodge, Venice, que le dan al estudiante la oportunidad de practicar lo que aprendió en clase y a la vez divertirse y hacer sociales en un entorno informal. La escuela Makela Tango es perfecta para estudiantes principiantes, intermedios o avanzados y satisface las aspiraciones de todos los estudiantes con creatividad, compromiso y paciencia.
Makela Brizuela nació y creció en Buenos Aires, Argentina, se formó durante 10 años en danza moderna y ballet, recibiendo su diploma de La Escuela Nacional de Ballet de Argentina Ana Pavlova. Desde 1995 ha enseñado, bailado y coreografiado tango argentino en Argentina, México y Estados Unidos en teatros altamente prestigiosos tales como el Alex Theatre, Red Cat, el Ford Amphiteater. También También creó, produjo y dirigió los shows "Tango Cabaret" en el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, "Cabaret Tango" en el Celebrity Center y "Urban Tango" en el Electric Lodge. 

Saturday 17, 6.15 PM – 7.15 PM: Makela Tango
Makela Tango School specializes in authentic Argentine Tango in Santa Monica and West LA. Systematically organized instruction at all levels is offered (from absolute beginners to performance choreography sessions) so the tango enthusiast can learn to dance tango either socially "Argentinean Style" or to perform on stage. Popular weekly social practice sessions are also offered at the Electric Lodge in Venice giving students the opportunity to practice lessons learned in class and to have fun and socialize in an informal environment. Makela Tango School welcomes all levels from beginner to professional and the individual needs of its students are met with creativity, commitment and patience.
Makela Brizuela was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she trained for ten years in modern dance and ballet, receiving her degree from the National School of Ballet of Argentina. Since 1995 she has taught, danced, performed, and choreographed tango around Argentina, Mexico and the U.S. in prestigious venues such as the Alex Theater, Red Cat, and The Ford Amphitheater as well as creating, producing and directing "Tango Cabaret" at the Museum of Latin American Art, "Cabaret Tango" at the Celebrity Centre and the critically acclaimed "Urban Tango" at Electric Lodge. 

Domingo 18, 6.15 PM – 7.15 PM: Oxygen Tango
Oxygen Tango School, estabecida en el año 2009 en Los Angeles por Mitra Martin y Stefan Fabry, es un lugar de aprendizaje holístico para el tango argentino. Junto a un conjunto destacado de profesores de tango, la red de talento de Oxygen Tango hace que la escuela sea un lugar inspirador y vibrante para aprender y bailar. En esta escuela se creó el Tango Challenge, un curso único de inmmersión de 3 meses que transforma a principiantes en bailarines de tango.
En 8 semanas de clases de tango y 3 prácticas semanales, Oxygen ofrece un curriculum estructurado de tango, que se ha extraído de años de investigación y experimentación, que puede ser explorado al ritmo del estudiante.
Sunday 18, 6.15 PM – 7.15 PM: Oxygen Tango
Oxygen Tango School, established in 2009 in Los Angeles by Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry, is a holistic learning environment for authentic Argentine Tango. Joined by an all-star line up of Tango teachers, Oxygen's network of Tango talent makes the school an inspiring, vibrant place to learn and dance. Together, they created The Tango Challenge, a unique 3-month immersion course that transforms beginners into Tango dancers.
In 8 weekly Tango classes and 3 weekly Prácticas, Oxygen offers a structured Tango curriculum, drawn from years of research and experimentation, that can be explored at the student's own pace. Oxygen Tango members are devoted to working together for continuous practice and refinement, and dance socially all over the country. Through our partnership with the Nature Conservancy, Oxygen has planted over 10,000 trees through a monthly 3rd Saturday milonga, the Oxygen Milonga.

Tango demo and clases before first screening of each day (6.15 PM – 7.15 PM): schedule

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