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May 3rd through 6th, 2018

Cirque du Soleil takes you Inside the musical realm of Soda Stereo. Presenting SEP7IMO DIA – NO DESCANSARÉ, from may 3rd through 6th at THE FORUM in Inglewood, this incredible production blends the wonder of Cirque du Soleil with the explosive pop-rock energy of Soda Stereo – Argentina’s musical icons – to immerse spectators in the band’s symbolism and poetry.

In a breathtaking display of Cirque du Soleil’s signature artistry and physicality, SEP7IMO DIA conjures a world outside of time – a place where emotions ebb and flow like the tide, pulsing to the rhythm of the band’s emblematic songs. A cast of 35 performers take the audience through a series of visual, acrobatic and artistic tableaux that mix breathtaking feats of physical prowess with moments of poetic beauty, using the musical realm of Soda Stereo as a springboard for exploration.

Set on a strikingly unconventional stage, SEP7IMO DIA is an ode to the trio’s fiercely innovative artistic approach and musical legacy. The show picks up on the wave of euphoria that Soda Stereo unleashed in Latin America and beyond, and celebrates the iconic band’s deep connection with its fans.


The music of legendary rock group Soda Stereo was – and continues to be – the soundtrack of the lives of millions of Latin Americans. The trio formed in 1982 by Gustavo Cerati, Héctor “Zeta” Bosio and Charly Alberti branded into history the sounds of the post-military dictatorship decade of the 1980s, the golden age of Argentine rock.

Soda Stereo’s debut was marked by a thirst for change, boldness, irreverence, and great pop hits with a post-punk energy. The band established a  strong bond with fans and attained nationwide popularity. Album after album, Soda Stereo continued to reinvent itself with new sounds and new looks largely inspired by the British new wave scene, seducing new generations of fans along the way.

The band covered a staggering amount of stylistic ground throughout their career and had a discography that was on par with their British and American peers. Soda Stereo soonbecame the most popular rock band in Latin America with an influence that extends to nowadays.

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