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Biotechnology in Argentina-

Applied Science for the world.

A highly qualified workforce and a solid industrial tradition support the industry´s pattern of diversification and reconcentration in production. The biotechnology sector is comprised of a conglomerate of local and multinational companies, including top global names such as BASF, BAYER CROP SCIENCE, DOW AGROSCIENCES, MONSANTO and PIONEER, as well as successful local companies with international growth potential. Many of these local companies—AMEGA BIOTECH, BIOCERES, BIOGÉNESIS-BAGÓ, BIOSIDUS, CASSARÁ, GADOR, INDEAR, PHARMADN, RIZOBACTER and WIENER LABORATORIOS—are developing biotechnology applications aimed at promoting competitiveness through innovation. The combination of increasing public-private efforts, strong R&D capabilities and a pattern of diversification and re-concentration in production place the country as one of the leaders in the biotechnology sector in Latin America, where it excels for its scientific and innovative potential in agricultural application and human and animal health.

World-class scientists
Argentina’s scientific professionals are renowned for their outstanding skills and their capacity for innovation rooted in a long tradition of scientific excellence. The qualities they embody endow the country’s biotechnology sector with significant advantages for development. A number of educational institutions recognized worldwide offer programs in biotechnology at both post-graduate and post-doctoral levels. The country has the highest ratio of researchers to the economically active population in Latin America.

Diversity and specialization
Argentina offers competitive advantages in various segments of the biotechnology industry, particularly in the fields of agriculture, food, and human and animal health. These advantages result from a production pattern with an export profile and strong international presence comprised of more than 120 companies, 8,000 highly qualified workers and excellent technological institutions and poles, including Leloir Institute Foundation, the Experimental Biology and Medicine Institute and the Biomedicine Research Institute of the Scientific and Technological Pole of Buenos Aires.

Public and private sector cooperation

Prestigious public institutions—including the National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA), the National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI) and the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion (ANPCYT)—are driving biotechnology development in association with the private sector, contributing to innovation through research and development projects. This synergy between public and private institutions is reflected by more than 100 biotechnology projects co-financed by 40 companies, generating investments of AR$ 150 million, as well as in the successful association between laboratories and universities.


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