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Argentine Swimmer Matias Ola- UNITING THE WORLD: the 7 Oceans.

Matias Ola learned to swim at age 21 in Tucumán, northern Argentina, and from the age of 27 he decided to make a difference and look for new directions as a swimmer. Matias is known for being a swimmer of cold waters and a great reference of swimming in the country.

His training in the Argentine Patagonia has allowed him to represent the country in Nordic winter competitions in Russia, China, Estonia and Finland, obtaining the title of World Subchampion of this discipline in 2014.

His dream was to unite the world by swimming, following in the footsteps of four other swimmers who had already joined the five continents to pure strokes. The tucumano managed to complete the union of the five continents, between 10 countries, without the use of neoprene suits between 2013 and 2015, crossing swim channels as dangerous as the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska.

In his work as a swimmer, he has shared true messages of peace and friendship to the world, such as that made with his English colleague Jackie Cobell. Both managed to swim the Strait of San Carlos in the Falkland Islands, where in 1982 war broke out between the two countries. Today, the race of the Argentine swimmer called "OLA" (wave) is still standing and is soon challenged to carry his message and strokes to the 7 Oceans.

On this occasion he will try to swim the crossing of the Canal de Santa Catalina, in California. To swim across the Catalina Channel in California, where a long night swim, marine fauna and cold waters await you, in order to continue the challenge of UNITING THE WORLD and finally get the 7 Oceans.

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